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Aug.1937 Founded as the Testing Laboratory of the Civil Engineering Department, Hokkaido Agency
Sep.1947 Became independent as the Hokkaido Civil Engineering Institute
Jul. 1950 Established six divisions( River and Port Engineering, Road, Structure, Dam, Geology and Machinery)
Jul.1951 Attached to the newly established Hokkaido Development Bureau and renamed as the Civil Engineering Research Institute
Apr.1959 Established three divisions (Applied Science, Soil Conservation and Special Soil Development) Dam Division was renamed as the Geotechnical Division, and the Machinery Division was closed
Apr.1962 River and Port Engineering Division was divided into two divisions: River Engineering and Port and Harbor Engineering
Apr.1964 Established the Concrete Division
Apr.1966 Established the Pavement Division
Apr.1968 Established the Foundation Work Division
May.1972 System of three Directors changed to system of four Directors
Apr.1978 Established the General Affairs Department
Apr.1979 Established the Fisheries Engineering Division
Apr.1985 Special Soil Development Division was reorganized into Agricultural Engineering Division
May.1985 Established various research programs(Joint Research, Commissioned Research, Admission of Temporary Researchers and Specially Assigned Trainees)
Apr.1986 Established the position of Research Coordinator
Apr.1988 Reorganized the entire body
Apr.1995 Renamed the Hydraulic Engineering Department as the Environment and Hydraulic Engineering Department
Apr.2001 Renamed as the Independent Administrative Institution the Civil Engineering Research Institute of Hokkaido
Apr.2003 Established the position of Director for Special Research
Apr.2006 Integrated as the Incorporated Administrative Agency Public Works Research Institute, not directly belonging to the ministry
Apr.2008 Established the Cold Region Technology Promotion Division and Machinery Technology Research Team under the Director for Cold Region Technology Development Coordination
Apr.2011 Established the position of Director for Research Cooperation Promotion
Aug.2012 The 75th Anniversary
Apr.2014 Established the position of Director for Geological Research
Apr.2015 The name changed to the National Research Development Agency from the Incorporated Administrative Agency
Aug.2017 The 80th Anniversary
Apr.2019 Established the position of Scenic Landscape Research Team.(Total number 15 of the team)

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