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Consultation and Inquiries

Name of Division /Dept. Dial-in
Secretariat Office   +81-11-841-1110
Planning Division   +81-11-841-1636
Administration Department Administration Division +81-11-841-1624
Accounting and Contract Division +81-11-841-1629
Director for Cold-Region Technology Development Coordination Cold-Region Technology Promotion Division +81-11-590-4046
Machinery Technology Research Team +81-11-590-4049
Cold-Region Construction Engineering Research Group Structures Research Team +81-11-841-1698
Geotechnical Research Team +81-11-841-1709
Geological Hazards Research Team +81-11-841-1775
Cold-Region Maintenance Engineering Research Group Materials Research Team +81-11-841-1719
Road Maintenance Research Team +81-11-841-1747
Cold-Region Hydraulic and Aquatic Environment Engineering Research Group River Engineering Research Team +81-11-841-1639
Watershed Environment Engineering Research Team +81-11-841-1696
Port and Coast Research Team +81-11-841-1684
Fisheries Engineering Research Team +81-11-841-1695
Cold-Region Road Engineering Research Group Traffic Engineering Research Team +81-11-841-1738
Snow and Ice Research Team +81-11-841-1746
Cold-Region Agricultural Development Research Group Rural Resource Conservation Research Team +81-11-841-1754
Irrigation and Drainage Facilities Research Team +81-11-841-1764
Director for Special Research   +81-11-841-1664
Director for Geological Research   +81-11-590-4124
Technology Consultation Center   +81-11-590-4050

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