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Research Teams and Units

Director for Cold-Region Technology Development Coordination

Cold-Region Technology Promotion Division

The Cold- Region Technology Promotion Division is involved with the dissemination of research results, management of intellectual properties, e.g., patents obtained from the research results, technical consultations, technical guidance and publicity activities for the Institute.

[Dissemination of research results]

 Selection of technologies that the Institute should focus on disseminating, show at technology exhibitions inside and outside of Hokkaido, and sponsorship and operation of new technological showcases for civil engineering and the CERI's seminars.

[Management of intellectual properties]

 Activities relating to the acquisition, maintenance and promotion of intellectual properties, e.g., patents.

[Technical consultations]

 Various coordination as a point of contact fr the overall Institute concerning technical consultations and guidance.

[Publicity activities]

 Planning and operation of efforts to open the Institute to the public, coordination for and operation of facility tours of the Institute, preparation of the Institute brochure and video picture materials.

COld Region Seminar

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