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Research Teams and Units

Cold-Region Construction Engineering Research Group

Structures Research Team

●Research into techniques for preventive maintenance and repair/reinforcement of bridges in cold and snowy regions

RC slabs of road bridges under heavy traffic and /or in cold and snowy regions deteriorate and incur damage under the influence of wheel loads, surface ponding, and frost and salt damages. These deteriorated roads are problematic in terms of traffic safety and damage to third parties as well. In this research, the team develops sound repair and reinforcement technologies to resolve these deterioration and damage, water-proof performance verification technologies and advanced waterproofing systems as preventive maintenance measures.

Random wheel running test

●Research into performance verification and repair/reinforcement techniques for rockfall protection structures

Under financial constraints, a new type of rockfall protection structure that prevent slope disasters with a widened scope of application was developed without standardized performance verification technique. In the meantime, existing structures have exposed deterioration and damage. In this research, the team develops techniques for performance verification and repair/reinforcement to ensure the safety that must be originally fulfilled by rockfall protection structures.

Rock slope disaster

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