Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region
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Research Teams and Units

Cold-Region Construction Engineering Research Group

Geotechnical Research Team

●Research into efficient maintenance and management methods for structures on peaty soft ground

In embanking on peaty soft ground, the cost of maintenance is rising to repair long-term settlement or liquefaction occurring during earthquakes. To lower life cycle costs, research on rational countermeasure work methods or maintenance methods is performed under field conditions.

Settlement of embankment

●Research into civil engineering and frost heave in the winter time

In cold snowy regions, problems which occur are quality management of embankments constructed during the winter and damage to civil engineering structures caused by frost heaving. Fact finding surveys and trial constructions are performed in the field to research construction technologies in cold environments.

Improvement with fixation agent

●Research into seismic performance evaluation of foundation structures in unusual soil

Behavior during earthquakes of problematic soil as peat or volcanic ash soil will e clarified, and research conducted on earthquake resistance performance evaluations and reinforcement technologies for pile foundations constructed in problematic ground.

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