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Research Teams and Units

Cold-Region Maintenance Engineering Research Group

Materials Research Team

●Research into quality control, inspection, and repair and reinforcement technologies for concrete structures

The Materials Research Team develops quality assessment systems based on non-destructive testing as appropriate methods for inspecting durability and other quality parameters at the time of new construction, so as to extend the life of concrete structures. The team also proposes construction manuals to ensure performance requirements for on-site concrete construction management. The team also proposes repair methods appropriate for cold and snowy regions by systemizing existing repair technologies, including material features in the cold environment, and verifying the effects by means of experiments and trial constructions.

Quality control and inspection of concrete structures

●Research into evaluation of the durability and load bearing capacity of concrete structures deteriorated by combined effect of frost and salt attack

To maintain the performance of concrete structures over a long period of time, the team develops prediction methods of combined deterioration by crack and scaling due to frost attack, equations for evaluating chloride ion penetration and performance verification methods. Concerning the impact load bearing strength of concrete members deteriorated by a combination of frost and salt damage, the team conducts experiments and on-site surveys, following an already conducted static load bearing assessment with freeze-thawed specimens, and establishes evaluation, inspection and diagnostic techniques to reflect in maintenance.

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