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Research Teams and Units

Cold-Region Maintenance Engineering Research Group

Road Maintenance Research Team

●Research into measures against pavement deterioration in cold regions

Pavement in snowy, cold regions has been deteriorated and damaged uniquely by frost heaving and low-temperature cracking in midwinter ,decreased subgrade bearing capacity and freeze-thawing in snowmelt season as well as snow removal and spraying of anti-freezing agents in winter. The team is conducting research to elucidate of pavement deterioration mechanisms under this kind of cold environment, and countermeasures with materials and design methods.

Deterioration unique to cold region

●Research into environmental-friendly pavement technologies

In the development of infrastructure, environmental-friendly attempts are being made for the realization of a low-carbon society such as by promoting recycling. Such efforts in the pavement field include low-temperature technologies at manufacturing temperatures for asphalt admixtures and recycling technology for pavement materials. The team conducts research into applying these environmental-friendly technologies by overcoming conditions different from other regions such as temperatures at the time of construction and specifications for asphalt in cold, snowy regions.

Deterioration unique to cold region

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