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Research Teams and Units

Cold-Region Hydraulic and Aquatic Environment Engineering Research Group

Fisheries Engineering Research Team

●Research into coastal structures in harmony with the naturalenvironment

A seaweed bed is utilized as a fishing ground for kelp, sea urchin and abalone. It is also the spawning bed for fish, and fosters diversified organisms as the base of creating a good sea environment. However, due to recent large-scale environmental changes including rising sea temperatures, seaweed beds especially in the Sea of Japan off Hokkaido are disappearing ( Barren ground), which is a grave concern. The team will, therefore, conduct research to add the capacity to create seaweed beds to coastal structures in order to maintain a good sea environment.

Natural harmony

●Research into environmental conservation in coastal areas

Places near the mouth of a river are good fishing spots because of the abundance of nutrient salts, but, on the other hand, flooding from the river poses a big issue as massive numbers of useful marine species can perish. The team will, therefore, investigate the impact of outflow of floating mud and nutrient salts from the land on the habitat environment, and conduct research contributing to proper management methods in coastal areas.

Impact of turbidity simulation

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