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Research Teams and Units

Cold-Region Road Engineering Research Group

Traffic Engineering Research Team

●Research into technology to support assessments of road surface management level in winter

Any improvement intended to ensure safe and smooth winter road traffic requires effective and efficient winter road surface management based on objective and quantitative data. Traffic Engineering Research Team is struggling to develop technologies to support appropriate winter road surface management by road managers through research and development of quantitative and objective winter road surface condition measurement technologies applying the friction value of road surface etc., and technologies to correctly evaluate the effectiveness of snow removal and other road management.

Continuous measurement of road surface friction

●Research into lane-departure preventive measures in suburban areas

Roads in suburban regions generally have two-lane without median strips, therefore , many serious accidents such as head-collisions have occurred by slipping during the winter on these roads. The team is, therefore, working to develop effective lane deviation prevention countermeasure technologies such as buffer type guard fences to enhance safety of road traffic for suburbs in cold snowy regions.

Buffer type wire rope guard fence

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