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Research Teams and Units

Cold-Region Agricultural Development Research Group

Rural Resources Concervation Research Team

●Research into soil nutrient control technologies for large-scale rice paddy through underground irrigation

The dynamics of soil nutrients have not been elucidated for rice paddies installed with underground irrigation in peaty soil widely found across cold, snowy regions. The team aims to realize a large-scale farmland usage system that is sustainable and in harmony with the environment by elucidating the dynamics and developing technologies for controlling soil nutrients by means of controlling underground irrigation water levels appropriate for the growth stage of crops.

Soil water determination device

●Research into technologies for improving soil productivity through fermented livestock feces.

The team compares the soil productivity improvement effects among waste modified biomass (livestock slurry, composts, aerobically fertilized irrigation slurry, methane-fermented digested slurry, sewage nutrient salts, etc.) which are applied to farmland, and aims to propose effective technologies for improving soil productivity(e.g., drainage, water retention, Cation Exchange Capacity(CEC),crop yield, crop quality improvement, and increased soil carbon storage amount).

Methane-fermented digested liquid

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