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Vol.57(Sep.2020,English) Research outline
Onsite Observations toward the Development of a Feed culture Reefs for Fish in the Northern Fishing Ground in the Sea of Japan
Research results
An Efficient Measurement Technology for Effective Road Width in Winter by Using a 2D Laser Scanner
2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake
Vol.56(Sep.2020,English) Research outline
Study on Assessing the Durability of RC Deck Slabs for Highway Bridges- Based on an Analysis of Deteriorated Highway Bridge Members and Their Deterioration Conditions in a Cold Region -
Study on Disaster Prevention against Large Amount of Sea Ice floes and Debris Driven by Tsunami
Vol.55(Mar.2020,English) Research outline
Research on a Natural Treatment Method for Acidic Water Using Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria
Research on a Stability Evaluation Method for Snow Eaves Formed on Snow bridges
Research results
Study Report on the Improvement of Efficiency of Emergency Construction Conducted in Response to Levee Breaches (Draft) Released
Vol.54(Mar.2020,English) Research outline
Study on the Applicability of AI to the Face Observation of Mountain Tunnel
Salmon Spawning Habitat Rehabilitation on Toyohira River, Sapporo, Hokkaido
A Study on Prevention of Re-degradation of Surface Protection with Continuous Fiber Sheets
Research results
Characteristics of Corrosion and Performance Degradation of Steel sheet-pile of Drainage Canals in Hokkaido
Vol.53(Aug.2019,English) Research outline
Title: River Development for Flood Control and Environment Conservation Using the Simple River Environmental Assessment Tool EvaTRiP
A Study on the Advanced Use of the Groundwater Level Control System in Large-Scale Rice Paddy Fields
Tasks and Technical Development of Shallow Undergrounding of Utility Lines in Cold Region ~Freezing Experiment on Water Inside Optical Cable Pipelines~
Research results
Expanding the Use of Wire Rope Barrier Systems
Vol.52(Jul.2019,English) Research outline
Initiatives for advanced observation of the amount of water flow
Extraction of Landslide Topography Using Deep Learning
Oceanic Environment of Northern Japan Sea around Musashi Bank and Upwelling Effects of Mound Reef
Research results
Technical Manual for Peaty Soft Ground
Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis Technology for Pumping Equipment of Drainage Plant
Vol.51(Jul.2019,English) Research outline
Measurement of Greenhouse Gases Emitted by Behaviors of Construction Machinery
Development of a Camera for Observation in Collector Wells
A Study on a Design Method for Rockfall Protection Structures for Roads
A Study on Interactions between Sea Ice and Coastal Structures
Research results
Identification of Surface Failure Hazard Locations Using Soil Strength Probe
Design and Construction of Concrete Pavement in Cold, Snowy RegionsIntroduction to the Manual (Draft)
Vol.50(Mar.2018,English) Research outline
Toward development of a debris flow-detection method using monitor-camera images
A Study on Sampling the Ground Surface Deformation in the Snowmelt Period by Satellite
Correspond to Problems at Water Channels and Water Intakes Caused by Ice Jams at Rivers in Cold Regions
Study on the Detection of Snowstorms by X-band MP Radar
Vol.49(Jan.2018,English) Research outline
River environment information website comes online -Making river environment information more accessible-
Development of a Camera for Observation in Collector Wells
More Precise Water Resource Management in the Snowmelt Season Enabled by Remote Sensing Technology
Research results
A Surface Scanning Method for Frost Damage Inspection and Diagnosis in Concrete
Listening to the Sound of Sand in Water: Measuring the Amount of Bedload Sediment
Vol.48(Dec.2017,English) Research outline
Building levees that are resistant to heavy rain disasters
Introduction of research: New district-specific flood risk assessment techniques using RRI model -"Flood diagnostic chart" and "Flood hotspots"-
A Study on the Development of Non-chloride Anti-icing Agents
Research results
A Study on the Effects of Gravel Processing on Soil Improvement -Test on the Physical Properties of Soil Processed by Gravel Crushing-
On a Way of Managing the Shapes of Street Trees So That They Contribute to the Streetscape
Vol.47(Jul.2017,English) Research outline
Regarding effects on river structures caused by river run-up tsunami
Clarifying the mechanisms of earthquake-triggered landslides
Earthquake Resistant Performance of Embankment Structures Constructed on Peaty Ground
Toward Restoration of Function of Creating Seaweed Beds of Coastal Structures
Research results
"The Road Tunnel Maintenance Handbook (Facilities Edition)" published
Development of a Machine for Maintaining Winter Sidewalk Surfaces
Vol.46(May.2017,English) Research outline
Improving the Durability of National Highways Pavement:Development of High-performance SMA
Study of the sediment transport at a river mouth on the basis of high-frequency topographic survey
Research results
Proposed Manual of Repair Measures for Concrete Structures (Draft)
Development of a Wave Overtopping Prevention Fence by Using Folded Transparent Polycarbonate Sheets:Measures against Overtopping Waves on Coastal Roads
Vol.45(Jan.2017,English) Research outline
The battle with earth - A history of retaining walls -
Technology for examining the inside of concrete by using high-output X-ray
Research results
A Study on a Method of Using Plants to Purify Leachate Containing Heavy Metals
An Effective method for Controlling Invasion by Riparian Trees in the Satsunai River
Development of a New Type of Snow Fence That Can be Installed at the Immediate Roadside
Vol.44(Sep.2016,English) Research outline
Measurement of Greenhouse Gases and Nitrogen Oxide Emitted by Earth-Moving Machinery During Different Operations
What Affect Does Water Turbidity Have on Riverbed Algae and Ayu?
For Conservation of the Habitats of Organisms in Brackish-Water Regions
200-Year Concrete Durability Tests for the First Tokachi Bridge
Research results
Publication of Handbook for Handling Rocks and Soils Containing Naturally-occurring Heavy Metals at Construction Sites
Vol.43(Jun.2016,English) Research outline
Evaluation of Biological Response to Treated Wastewater
Protection of Steel in Concrete by Surface Coating System
A Study on a Snowmelt Estimation Method for Road Management
Research results
Road Tunnel Maintenance Handbook (Civil and Structure Edition) published.
Will Efficiency-oriented Rice Cultivation Cause Irrigation Water Requirements to Change?
Vol.42(Mar.2016,English) Research outline
Development of a device to prevent drainage pipe clogging in landslide-prevention facilities
Preventing erosion and degradation of a mixed bedrock ? alluvial river
Research results
The Development of a Winter Road Surface Improvement Simulator (WiRIS)
Development of a technique for designing attractive pedestrian spaces
Vol.41(Dec.2015,English) Research outline
A fish ladder to help fish swim upstream
Elucidating the Mechanism of Long-term Ground Subsidence in Peaty Farmland
Field Verifications of a Method for Evaluating Coastal Structures in Terms of Their Function to Create Seaweed Bed Formation : A Proposed Method for Diagnosing the Function of Environmental-harmony Structures to Create Seaweed Bed Formation by Incorporating the Concept of Stock Management
Research results
Web Magazine: Issuance of the Engineering Manual on External Displacement Measurement of Embankment Dams Using GPS)
Development of new types of antifreeze pavement
"Guidelines for Earthworks in Winter in Snowy Cold Regions (Road Edition) (River Edition)" is Published
Vol.40(Sep.2015,English) Research outline
To develop efficient methods for maintaining landslide prevention facilities, particularly groundwater drainage works
Research results
Development of a new flood control method (PWRI type ringing)
Proposal for Visualizing Snowplow Movements to Assess Snow Removal Operations
Development of a Method That Uses FRP to Widen Highway Bridge Sidewalks
Vol.39(Jul.2015,English) Research outline
Characteristics of Removal of Unregulated Chemical Substances in Sewage Treatment
Field Survey using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for Clarification of Turbid Water Generation Phenomenon in Dam Reservoirs
Surface Earthquake Fault Survey near the Kamishiro Fault
Toward the Introduction of Safe, Secure Roundabouts in Snowy Cold Regions
Research results
Long-term drainage performance and durability of underdrains with pumice as a filter on peat farmland confirmed: Verification of performance of underdrain using pumice as filter constructed in peat farmland
Effective use of surplus soil from construction: The development of a cost-effective technology for disposing of naturally occurring heavy metals
Vol.38(Mar.2015,English) Research outline
IFAS Ver.2 is available
Viscoelasticity of asphalt:Hard or soft? Asphalt pavement exploiting the characteristics of asphalt
Study on the Evaluation of Sequential Landscapes Viewed from the Road, and the Optimization of Road Space
Research results
Discussion on the Feasibility of Micro-hydroelectric Power Generation at Agricultural Irrigation Facilities in Hokkaido
Vol.37(Dec.2014,English) Research outline
Study on the Maintenance of an RC Bridge Wall Rail Affected by Frost andSalt Damage
A Study on the Evaluation of In-river Barriers Using Biotelemetry
Research results
Development of a Ground Improvement Method Featuring a Low ImprovementRatio for Purposes of Cost Reduction and Shorter Construction Period - ALiCC (Arch action Low Improvement ratio Cement Column) Method -
Forecast of Snowstorm-induced Poor Visibility and Provision of SnowstormVisibility Information
Vol.36(Oct.2014,English) Research outline
High-frequency Topographic Survey for Elucidating Sediment Transport Processesat a River Mouth
Research results
Making National Highways of Strong Pavement: The Development of a DurableMixture for the Road Surface Layer in Cold, Snowy Regions 
Vol.35(Jun.2014,English) Research outline
An approach to improving the bioproductivity of Northern waters
Research results
The Manual of Measures against Unsuitable Soil in Hokkaido
Construction and management of groundwater drainage in landslide measures
Vol.34(Mar.2014,English) Research outline
Safety Evaluation of Treated Sewage Using Aquatic Organisms (Bio Assay)
Building Embankments Strong against Earthquakes
Development of a Repair and Reinforcement Method for Reinforced Concrete Slabs in Cold, Snowy Regions- A Study toward Extending the Lifespan of Highway Bridges -
Research results
Avulsion Control Experiment using a Full-scale Levee at the Chiyoda Experimental Channel on the Tokachi River
Vol.33(Dec.2013,English) Research outline
Diagnoses of the Soundness of Dams with Focus on Changes from Small Quakes
Concrete for Low Carbon Society
Quality Rice Production in Peaty Paddy Fields
Study on the Quality of Groundwater Emitted from Tunnels
Research results
Research Results Presentation Wire Rope Guardrail System in Practical Use
Vol.32(Sep.2013,English) Research outline
Seismic Motion Measured in Mountain Tunnel
Danger Warning with Color and Light
Development of a Turbid Water Treatment System with Less Environmental Impact
How are snowfall and snow depth changing?
Research results
Publication of “The Estimation Method of the Sliding-surface Shape in a Landslide”
Development of a Rockfall Retaining Wall Connected to a Pile Foundation
Vol.31(Apr.2013,English) Research outline
Field experiment on technology of sediment discharge from a dam reservoir using water level difference
Concrete-channel Frost Damage Diagnosis Using the Ultrasonic Pulse Method
Research results
Short-fiber-mixed concrete and shotcrete
Vol.30(Feb.2013,English) Research outline
Technology to Detect the Occurrence of Large-scale Sediment Transport
Frost heave at roadside slopes in cold snowy regions - ground elevation resulting from the presence of ice layers
A Study on Enhancing the Appeal of Roadside Rest Facilities
Research results
The spur dike technique for preventing check dam fishway blockages
Vol.29(Nov.2012,English) Research outline
Making bridges less susceptible to tsunami damage
High-performance SMA : A multifunctional durable asphalt paving technology
Research results
Estimation of the sediment purification ability of sea cucumbers
Vol.28(Sep.2012,English) Research outline
A study on technologies to prevent/reduce tsunami damage to rivers in cold regions
New Type of Dam That Reduces the effects on Natural Environment and the Costs
Research results
A proposal for the use of snowplows in seasons without snow
Vol.27(Jun.2012,English) Research outline
Development of Wire Rope Guardrail Systems with Shock-absorbing functionto reduce Fatal Traffic Accidents
Recent Changes in Drift Ice and Wave Heights in the Sea of Okhotsk
“Medical Checkups” for Deposited Snow -Snow Cover Profile Observation-
Research results
Techniques for Greening Slopes with Exposed Highly Acidic Soils
Vol.26(Apr.2012,English) Research outline
Development of a high-performance waterproofing system for reinforced concreteslabs
Research results
Development of bridge inspection technology
Development of a new highway snowstorm countermeasure manual
A study on slope monitoring using Micro Geo-Electric Signals
Vol.25(Feb.2012,English) Research outline
A Study on Suspended Sediment and Sand Transportation from Rivers to theSea
Development of hydraulic/water quality models and evaluation of the functionof forest buffer zones
Research results
ALICC Method for Long-Term Control of Subsidence of Soft Ground
Engineering Manual for Construction and Management of Roads and Other Structureson Peaty Soft Ground PublishedManual on Countermeasures for Peaty Soft Ground revised in March 2011
Vol.24(Dec.2011,English) Research outline
Genes and Civil Engineering
A Study on Construction, Quality Control and Durability Testing of Concrete Structures -Curing Conditions and Concrete Quality
Measurement of Exhaust Gas of Construction Equipment While in Operation
Research results
Design to Enhance the Attraction of Michi-no-eki Design techniques to create comfortable rest areas at Michi-no-eki for contribution to regional tourism promotion
Vol.23(Oct.2011,English) Research outline
What is Liquefaction? -Mechanisms and Liquefaction Damages -
Creation of Spawning Grounds for Sandfish
Research results
An Experiment on Levee Breach Caused by Overflow with a Full-scale Levee Model in the Tokachi River’s Chiyoda Experimental Channel
Vol.22(Aug.2011,English) Research outline
Field Trials of Anti-corrosion Paint Using Full-size Specimens
Evaluation of slipperiness on roads and spreading of anti-icing agents- Toward improved spreading of anti-icing agents -
Research results
Realization of a Recycling-Oriented Society - Technology for Recycling of Asphalt Paving in Cold Snowy Regions -
Quickly and Safely Estimating the Shape of the Slip Plane of a Landslide!
Vol.21(Feb.2011,English) Research outline
Will global warming make concern about avalanches unnecessary?
Research on Geological Characteristics that Cause Tunnel Deformation after Completion, and Measures against such Deformation - To Ensure Safe and Reliable Tunnels -
How does sand augmentation affect benthic algae growing in riverbeds?
Research results
Estimating the shear strength behavior of weak layers in rock mass
Effects of Installing Wind/Snow Protection Facilities at Ports - Improvement in Work Efficiency in Cold, Snowy Regions -
Vol.20(Dec.2010,English) Research outline
Confirmation of long-term drainage effects and durability in peaty farmland - Verification of the effects of a culvert in peaty farmland, using scallop shells as a filter -
Constructing safe dams by clarifying mechanisms for seepage failure by water flow in soil - Developing a large-scale laboratory seepage failure test machine capable of conducting tests under various conditions, and research on seepage failure mechanisms -
An approach to quality evaluation of concrete structures - Quick testing of permeability using electrophoresis -
Promotion of a Resource-Recycling-Type Revegetation Method - Let’s create greenery using unprocessed surplus soil -
Research results
Research on application of permeable pavement on roads - Pavement that reduces flood damage during torrential rains -
Development of Overtopping-Wave Prevention Fences Using Transparent Corrugated Plates - Overtopping-wave countermeasures that take the landscape and the visibilityinto consideration -
Vol.19(Oct.2010,English) Research outline
Use the Energy Hidden in Trees and Grass!
Survey on the Characteristics of Nutrient Release from Sediment in Brackish Lake
Research results
Prediction of Winter Road Surface Conditions - "Winter Maintenance Support System" -
Development of Soil Improvement Method that Suppress Impact on the Surroundings
Publication of Practical Handbook on Avalanches, "Examples of Inspection and Emergency Measures for Avalanche ProneSlopes in Heavy Snowfall"
Vol.18(Aug.2010,English) Research outline
Managing Frozen Rivers - Clarification of ice jams phenomenon and development of a discharge estimationmethod -
Studies to Restore Submerged Vegetation Zones
Challenge for More Efficient Unmanned Construction - Research on technologies for remote operation of construction machineryduring disaster restoration -
Research results
Deep-rapid landslide Mechanism
Durability Improvement of Concrete Structures- Technologies to improve the durability of concrete by using admixtures-
Vol.17(Jun.2010,English) Research outline
To extend the life of road pavement - Seal material injection method -
Model testing of Sediment Ground - Clarification of the Effectiveness of Rock Bolts -
Research results
Research on the Recycling of Aged Asphalt Pavement
Vol.16(Apr.2010,English) Research outline
Micro-organisms strengthen soil!?- Using micro-organisms to improve soil -
To Support Safe Driving during Snowstorms- A study on poor visibility during snowstorms -
Research on Sediment Flow in Mountain Rivers- Effects of large gravels scattered on river beds -
Research results
Development of a drainage pump installation support system
Hindrance to construction work- Peaty Soft Ground Countermeasure Manual released on the Website -
Vol.15(Feb.2010,English) Research outline
Dust Reduction Technology for Mechanical Excavation in Mountain Tunneling Work
Changes in Causes of Heavy Rainfall in the Abashiri and Tokachi Areas
Research results
Cleaning Seawater in a Port Using Scallop Shells
Expressing Roadside Disaster Information in Maps - Roadside Landslide Hazard Maps For Effective Implementation of Road Disaster Prevention
Measuring Movement in a Landslide! (Part 2) Observation Equipment Usable in Special Landslide Environments
Vol.14(Dec.2009,English) Research outline
Research on the influence of sediment oxygen conditions in algae(phytoplankton) increase
To improve winter port working environment Research on the effectiveness of the development of wind/snow protection facilities in ports
Extraction of river basins likely to cause deep-seated slope failure
Research results
Detecting the movement of a sliding mass Observation devices that can be used in special landslide environments
Vol.13(Oct.2009,English) Research outline
To Improve the Turbidity of Dam Reservoirs
Soil Amelioration by Application of Cow Waste Slurry as Fertilizer - Clarification of grass yield holding effect and production environment amelioration effect
Research results
For a New Method of Designing Road Disaster Prevention Structures - Safe and secure road network
Vol.12(Aug.2009,English) Research outline
Measuring the Slipperiness of Road Surfaces in Winter Road Surface Skid Resistance Monitoring System
Research results
Prediction of Long-term Settlement of Peaty Ground Approach to the Reduction of Life Cycle Costs of Earth Structures Built on Peaty Ground
Guidelines for Road Tunnel Observation and Measurement Revised Application of On-site Observation and Measurement for Safe and EconomicalTunnel Construction
Vol.11(Jun.2009,English) Research outline
Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Earthquake-Resistant Dams: Seismic performance evaluation for dams
Research on the Assessment of Composite Deterioration of Concrete Caused by Frost and Chloride Attack
Research results
Levee Breach Experiment by Overflow with Full-scale Levee Model Tokachi River Chiyoda Experimental Channel
Fish in Rice Paddies and Rivers: Ecological network
New Emergency Monitoring Technique for Natural Dams: Aerially placeable floating water gauge (APF gauge)
Vol.10(Apr.2009,English) Research outline
Rock-slope collapse test using centrifugal force
Measuring accumulated snowfall Research on snow-melt runoff characteristics in snowy cold regions
Research results
Protecting airport pavements Study of and countermeasures against airport pavement blistering in snowy cold regions
Research on application of soil pavement on actual roads Pavement that is both people- and environment-friendly
Vol.9(Feb.2008,English) Research outline
Research on Cement-mixed Soil Quality ControlRock-slope collapse test using centrifugal force
Research on VOC Reduction in Steel Structure Paint
Research results
Technical Standard for Road Tunnel (for Ventilation) and Practical GuideRevised
Development of Harbor Freezing Simulation
Vol.8(Dec.2008,English) Research outline
Prevent liquefaction-caused riverbank settlement
Clinical studies using removed bridges built in the past
Test of garbage biogas adaptability to road patrol cars: Approach to reduction of CO2 emission
Research results
Aseismic capacity assessment method of existing highway bridge foundations: Studies to prioritize existing bridges for aseismic reinforcement
Frequency of drought in paddy fields in cold regions may increase due to global warming: Prediction from weather predictive values
Vol.7(Oct.2008,English) Research outline
Study of River Channels Plans Using River Hydraulic Models
Shaking Table Tests for Mountain Tunnels: “Elucidating the Mechanismsof Seismic Damage”
Research results
Reducing Cost by Lowering Embankment Height: Developing a “CompositeBox Culvert” that does not Require Earth Covering
Vol.6(Aug.2008,English) Research outline
Non-destructive and Semi-destructive Testing of Concrete Structure-Inspectionof Locations and Cover Depth of Reinforcing Bars and Concrete Strength
Protecting Kelp Beds
Research results
Laboratory Borehole Inclinometer Measurement Experiment ? For More Accurate Understanding of Landslide Movement
Provision of borehole data via the Internet - For Sharing Borehole data
Vol.5(Jun.2008,English) Research outline
Fish that use Gaps between Rocks: Clarifying the Relationship between Gaps and Fish Habitats
Creating Hydrogen Energy from Biogas
Cool Pavement: New Pavement Technologies that Reduce Road Surface Temperature
“Scenic Northern Roads” that Present Hokkaido´s Roadside Environments:Study toward Creating Beautiful, Comfortable Roadside Environments in Hokkaido
Research results
Research on Strength Evaluation of Rockfill Materials for Cost Reductionof Rockfill Dam Construction
Safe Monitoring of Slope Movement!: Introduction to RE-MO-TE2 (Remote 2:Remote Monitoring Technology 2)
Vol.4(Apr.2008,English) Research outline
Technology Development for More Efficient, Accurate River Discharge Observation
Development of Technology to Reinforce Damaged Existing Tunnels
Research results
Improvement of the Oxygen-depleted Layer in Dam Reservoirs, Lakes, etc.: Supplying Oxygen to the Bottom layer
Seismic Design Techniques for Road Retaining Walls during Large-scale Earthquakes
Vol.3(Feb.2008,English) Research outline
Making analysis of snow avalanche phenomena possible!New approaches to field observation of snow avalanches/a>
Predicting floods before they happen! New flood forecasting technology that uses radar-measured rainfall
Research results
Automatic system for tracking the behavior of wildlife What does it take to track fish behavior in water?
“Kita-no-michi Navi”: A comprehensive source of information on Hokkaido’s roads Research on advanced use of road information in Hokkaido
Vol.2(Dec.2007,English) Research outline
Protect the Dam!Real-time management of the embankment dams using GPS
Protect the Bridge during Extreme Earthquake!Development of Technologies for Quick Detection and Rapid Repair of Damaged Bridges
Research results
Prevent Traffic Accidents!An Introduction to Rumble Strips
Report on the Flood Hazard Mapping Training Course
Vol.1(Oct.2007,English) Research outline
Protecting Bridges in Japan Research on Diagnostic Techniques for Existing Concrete Structure
Protecting Bridges in Japan Research on the Improvement of Fatigue Resistance of Orthotropic SteelDecks
Research results
Study Tours and New Technology Lectures of 3H Method Held What is the 3H Method?
Effect of Endocrine Disrupters on Fish Male Feminized? Female Virilized?

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